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If you want to use this bike (max payload 100kg) just drop me a mail.
You can also follow this bike on twitter
Here some impressions (please lmk about yours):

I want to build a better bass-box (no more roll - but a scoop or bassreflex) for my @cargoshuttle Unfortunately I did not yet find a plan to fit the needed dimensions.
If anyone has Ideas - please leave them here:
Or DM me

— ligi 🖖☮️🌍🚲🌳🍵🎶🌶🔥 (@mr_ligi) July 18, 2020

The last @cbase shuttle left #CCCamp19 and returned to Berlin.
And as this space-station is ready to be used again there will be a after-camp-lounge tonight to celebrate the successful EVA and return to default. Hope to also see some of the #cccamp2019 visitors from abroad there!

— ligi (@mr_ligi) August 27, 2019

Rocking around the #cccamp2019 on

— Alg (@algroznykh) August 30, 2019

Ab Tag 0 des #CCCamp19 begann der Test mit einem Bikesharing-Ausleihsystem: Was die Macher alles gelernt haben

— CCC Updates (@chaosupdates) September 9, 2019

Just added my cargo bike to the @radforschung network at #cccamp19 - try it out: - it is bike 14

— ligi (@mr_ligi) August 22, 2019

Special unicorn transport for @ETHBerlin also dropped of some tarot cards of tech ( which will be available on site then. Please check your hacks with these!

— ligi (@mr_ligi) August 14, 2019