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Realized a scoop does not really fit on the long-john. OK it fits but you cannot really steer anymore.

Test-fitting the sub on the bike. Good that I build a prototype first ..

— ligi 🖖☮️🌍🚲🌳🍵🎶🌶🔥 (@mr_ligi) October 17, 2020

So organized a build of a trailer from the carla cargo plans - much better fit for a scoop (or maybe 2).

— cargoshuttle (@cargoshuttle) December 15, 2020

I am about to document the sound in the wiki.


I realized for better sound I need a bigger bike so I got a long-john from 1980. For now I just added the old system on there and just provided it with a better power supply (Liontron 80Ah@12.8V = 1024W/h = 1kWh ;)

But I need to get a scoop going on there soon.



This was my first attempt. The bass roll is a magnat Power bull 300 and it is driven by a ptx500 monoblock.